Exportation Step by Step

  1. Quotation:

This is the initial process of your product creation. In this step you explain to us, in details, what you require. We have a lot of variants: Three types of edges (live edge, delicate live edge and straight edge), four different bases (Stainless steel, Iron being flat or tube, and wood), apart from that you can choose the color, the details on top and a lot more. We gather all this information to produce the closest to what you need therefor to make the perfect piece for your home.


  1. The Production:

In this stage we start the making of the product; it can be a Dining Table, Coffee Table, a Bench, among other things. Our joiner collect all information needed to select what will become your furniture. During this process we always keep in touch, to discuss what need to be change or if it is exactly what you expected. The last week is when the details are more visible, and then we send the last photos before the delivery. With your approval we schedule the shipment.


  1. The Shipment:

The next segment is about the shipping information. We work along with a company that executes our international deliveries, and for the quotation they need the following information:

  • Dimensions;
  • Weight;
  • Delivery address (ZIP code included);
  • Photo for reference.

 With this data, in a few days, they will send us the prices and then you can decide between their service and one of your own.


  1. The arrival:

This is the final step. All confirmed, approved and ready to go. The piece is already on its way. We, as much as you, wait anxious for the arrival of this incredible furniture. We are very happy about your choice, very proud to be part of your home. We will always be here to help in whatever needed, thank you for trusting us with this task.

Mesa Rustica